[This message combined with a few fanarts that appeared on my dashboard today, made me want to leave a little “I’m still alive message”, even if I gave signals of it in the past weeks ahahahaha;;;;

It’s the last few months of the school year; I’m working for a runway show that is in less than 3 weeks and then there’s all the final exams until near Christmas, so guess who’s gonna stay away for some time more, woohooo!!

Anyways, it always make me happy to see people who still reblog stuff and keep following this blog QuQ THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! If it weren’t for you, I would have closed this project a long time ago, but I stay here for all of you <3

That said, see you around  in some time! ^q^/]

[Oh, nothing important, I just wanted to tell you I was still alive |’D

However, as you may have noticed, we’re back to our normal “it’s college” season! Thus I don’t have a lot of time to draw, not to mention the artblock going back to class produces me, plus it’s cosplay season as well so I spend my free time working on that;;;

Updates will be sporadic again, not even near to what January and February were, sorry;;; But keep in mind as I said a few months back, I won’t be closing this blog any time soon! So if you don’t see me updating, it’s because of real life more than anything!

Oh, also May 1st is the second anniversary, and I have a few ideas in mind of what could I do for it~


Have a good time! Rest well, eat healthy, do stuff you enjoy and work hard! ♥]

Hi! I just wanted to inform you that Elilogi made a nasty repost of your (much loved) artwork: /post/82567468211

Asked by nastassjafilippowna

Thank you for informing me! Too bad they doesn’t have an askbox to ask them to delete it :c

Everyone! I dearly ask you that if you see this post on any tag, please don’t reblog it since it’s a repost of one of the asks on this blog ;n;

[I wouldn’t be so sure about that…]

"No, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea ehehehe"

D-D-D O  T H E  H A R L E M  S H A K E

Gracias! <3 Tengo varios fics en mi lista de favoritos, pero sólo tres de ellos están en español, espero que eso no sea un problema ;n;

A brief personal summary of the next stories can be found here and here on my personal!

"Bleeding Out" by Stuff’nStuff

"Rekindled" by Anjelle (WOOPS I just noticed this one was renamed;;;;)

"Caprice" by Reiki-Piratical

"Five Days" by Reiki-Piratical

"For being Perfect" by Stuff’nStuff

"Forbidden Fruits" by Reiki-Piratical

"Let’s dance" by MyLadyDay

"Nightmare of Love" by ThePhobiaPhoebe

"Rhapsody on a Windy Night" by Stuff’nStuff

"Sea Daddy" by Reiki-Piratical

"Sun comes up" by Late Night Iridescence

"Te quiero de verdad" by lololololo.91

"To be a boy" by Anjelle

"Verdades como Puños" y "Mentiras como Puños" by Daylen XVIII

[Btw, I found this as a perfect excuse to draw a little rushed something for all those fics that I absolutely adore <3<3 So, to the few fic writers that I know are around here, please accept this a little gratitude gift for taking so much time and effort to create those beautiful stories ;u;/]