[Oh, nothing important, I just wanted to tell you I was still alive |’D

However, as you may have noticed, we’re back to our normal “it’s college” season! Thus I don’t have a lot of time to draw, not to mention the artblock going back to class produces me, plus it’s cosplay season as well so I spend my free time working on that;;;

Updates will be sporadic again, not even near to what January and February were, sorry;;; But keep in mind as I said a few months back, I won’t be closing this blog any time soon! So if you don’t see me updating, it’s because of real life more than anything!

Oh, also May 1st is the second anniversary, and I have a few ideas in mind of what could I do for it~


Have a good time! Rest well, eat healthy, do stuff you enjoy and work hard! ♥]

Hi! I just wanted to inform you that Elilogi made a nasty repost of your (much loved) artwork: /post/82567468211

Asked by nastassjafilippowna

Thank you for informing me! Too bad they doesn’t have an askbox to ask them to delete it :c

Everyone! I dearly ask you that if you see this post on any tag, please don’t reblog it since it’s a repost of one of the asks on this blog ;n;

[I wouldn’t be so sure about that…]

"No, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea ehehehe"

D-D-D O  T H E  H A R L E M  S H A K E

Gracias! <3 Tengo varios fics en mi lista de favoritos, pero sólo tres de ellos están en español, espero que eso no sea un problema ;n;

A brief personal summary of the next stories can be found here and here on my personal!

"Bleeding Out" by Stuff’nStuff

"Rekindled" by Anjelle (WOOPS I just noticed this one was renamed;;;;)

"Caprice" by Reiki-Piratical

"Five Days" by Reiki-Piratical

"For being Perfect" by Stuff’nStuff

"Forbidden Fruits" by Reiki-Piratical

"Let’s dance" by MyLadyDay

"Nightmare of Love" by ThePhobiaPhoebe

"Rhapsody on a Windy Night" by Stuff’nStuff

"Sea Daddy" by Reiki-Piratical

"Sun comes up" by Late Night Iridescence

"Te quiero de verdad" by lololololo.91

"To be a boy" by Anjelle

"Verdades como Puños" y "Mentiras como Puños" by Daylen XVIII

[Btw, I found this as a perfect excuse to draw a little rushed something for all those fics that I absolutely adore <3<3 So, to the few fic writers that I know are around here, please accept this a little gratitude gift for taking so much time and effort to create those beautiful stories ;u;/]

[This year’s April Fools’ Day is around the corner, and I’ve already planned what to do! Actually, I have it decided since last year lol

Sadly, it requires help and particular asks, so I’m gonna make something like “April Fools 2 weeks” (? I’m gonna reveal the plan around March 17th, and I’ll need you to send asks for it! Then I’m gonna post everything at once during April 1st, just like I did with the St. Valentine’s Special!

Keep an eye on the blog around that week ;D And I hope everyone helps withs asks and ideas <3]