[Oh, nothing important, I just wanted to tell you I was still alive |’D

However, as you may have noticed, we’re back to our normal “it’s college” season! Thus I don’t have a lot of time to draw, not to mention the artblock going back to class produces me, plus it’s cosplay season as well so I spend my free time working on that;;;

Updates will be sporadic again, not even near to what January and February were, sorry;;; But keep in mind as I said a few months back, I won’t be closing this blog any time soon! So if you don’t see me updating, it’s because of real life more than anything!

Oh, also May 1st is the second anniversary, and I have a few ideas in mind of what could I do for it~


Have a good time! Rest well, eat healthy, do stuff you enjoy and work hard! ♥]

[I wouldn’t be so sure about that…]


"No, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea ehehehe"