theepicandawesomefool said:whoa their whole blog contains stolen artwork…

Yeah, but if anyone is going to tell them about it, please be kind and ask politely. Art thief and reposting is bad, but it’s probably they don’t know the “rules” of respecting artists works and such (ugh, I don’t know how to say it better, sorry)

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Hi! I just wanted to inform you that Elilogi made a nasty repost of your (much loved) artwork: /post/82567468211

Asked by nastassjafilippowna

Thank you for informing me! Too bad they doesn’t have an askbox to ask them to delete it :c

Everyone! I dearly ask you that if you see this post on any tag, please don’t reblog it since it’s a repost of one of the asks on this blog ;n;

[Thanks for all the positive feedback, everyone! QuQ I wasn’t expecting anyone to be interested in some shirts, ahahaa;;

I’ll start researching everything I need, the best quality and price I could offer you! And of course, drawing some designs (safe for work, guys, don’t worry haahhaha) and asking you if you like them ;D

It’s gonna take some time but I hope you keep up with me ^q^/]

[Hmmmm if I made some t-shirts with some kind of OP or MarAce related stamp, would any of you interested in buying them?
From now on, all extra cash is more than needed because of crucial changes in my life, welp
Considering the currency change the price+shipping would be kinda cheap, I guess;;;
So? Opinions on it? ;u;]


I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed planning the replies (◡‿◡✿) The blog will be back to normal on the weekend, ‘cause I won’t be home for a few days;;;

Here, I give you the pic used for the icon, nobody asked for it, but have it anyways!

[I wouldn’t be so sure about that…]

[I’m about to upload some more April Fool’s Special replies, but there were some I couldn’t reply due lack of time QqQ I’m travelling early tomorrow and I have to pack my stuff, but I did all I could to have these ones ready ;u;]

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